A Family of Believers

We are commited followers of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We daily seek His will for our lives through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We join in fellowship with our brothers and sisters to encourage and sharpen our faith. We hope you will join our family this Sunday at Martha's Chapel.

We believe a relationship with Jesus Christ is a total commitment to Christ that begins with repentence from sin. A relationship is more than a simple prayer, It is a continual surrender of the will to the Holy Spirit's guidence. This relationship continues until the believer comes to a crisis experience. The crisis experience exposes a deeper level of commitment desired by Christ for the believer. At this point, the believer seeks to experience all the promises of God and completely consecrates their life to Christ. This new life is expressed by the fruit that the believer bears in their life. Holiness is a continual pursuit of the believer in this life which is best expressed by being completely submissive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. They do not seek Holiness to elevate their own stature, but out of a Love for Christ. This Holiness is both social and individual, which impacts the people around the believer. After the Crisis experience, the believer experiences sanctification in which the bondage of sin is completely broken and the believer walks completely committed to Christ.

"Our relationship with Christ is best expressed as a journey in which we continually grow"

We believe that free will is a precious gift given to humanity. We believe that the free will to choose stays with the individual throughout their relationship with Christ. Therefore, it is true that no one can snatch a person from the Savior's hand, but a believer, at any point in their walk, can backslide into a fallen state. The individual makes their free will choice to follow or deny Christ throughout their relationship. In a sense, they can jump by their own will from the Savior's hand. This is why it is so important to fellowship together in church where iron sharpens iron.

Our last stage in our relationship with Christ is glorification. It is when we pass from this life and recieve our new glorified bodies. Here we will worship the Triune God, God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit, giving all glory to Him with thanksgiving and praise.