EC Paul teaches our pottery classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 6:30 pm. Brother EC Paul will teach you the fine art of crafting pottery. Come enjoy fellowship with us at the Chapel as you learn an art that was a staple in times of Christ. You will enjoy the art of creating something from your own hands. People come from all around to make useful items or creative treasures.

Come visit and make yourself a memory! While you are here enjoying your hand at pottery, ask about the new things going on at Martha's Chapel Free Methodist Church.


Below is Sue Jolly working on a pitcher using our food approved paints and glaze which make her work of art practical to her life. You will find that when doing pottery, you enhance skills in creativity and imagination.From beginning to end, you will be developing as an artist surrounded by people who love Jesus Christ.


Below are some pieces crafted by various people who attend the pottery class. The pieces range from the beginner to the more seasoned. EC will have you crafting a work of art in no time.

Bird houses