Martha's Chapel was organized in 1907. With the first services held in the old Slash Bayou school building in what is now the Martha's Chapel community. The land on which the present church is located was purchased from James Paul by Elias Paul and donated to the church. In 1952, the old church building was turned and moved to the back of the lot, where it was used for worship while a new, much larger sanctuary was built in its place.

Charter members of Martha's Chapel church were Laura Reeves, Ellen Reeves, Mary Bradford, Margaret Reeves, Martha Paul, and Martha Reeves.

Early circuit riders who served the Slash Bayou school-church were Frazier Scott, John Wesley Williams, Newton Roark, Jim D. Arnold, and James Manchester.

Pastors of Martha's Chapel were as follow: Charlie Smith, Estella Reeves, Raymond Lewis, Chester Baker, A. C. Hall, Louis Reese, Phillip Goldie, C. D. Hurd, Wayne Pickett, Miriam Arnold, Walter Greenwalt, Lawrence Poole, L. F. Laprairie, Luther Bradford, Emitte Belgard, David Lukens, Doug Slack, John McDonald, Daniel Wine, Dale Robinson, Roger Lewis, Monty Bower, Dan Goddard, and our current pastor Brother Michael McMullen.

Below is a map to the church which includes a fellowship hall and various Sunday school classrooms. The church is well known for pottery classes held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at 6:30 pm.

If you are coming south on the 1207 from the 28e from pineville keep traveling till you get to the gas station at the fourway stop which is the 115. Turn left at the stop and travel till you see the 1206 and turn right. When you get to the stop sign turn right and Martha's Chapel will be about a block ahead on the left.

If you are traveling from Marksville North on the 115. Travel to the fourway stop at the gas station in Deville in which 1207 is the cross street. Keep traveling on the 115 through the fourway. You will see the 1206, turn right on the 1206. When you get to the stop sign turn right and Martha's Chapel will be about a block ahead on the left.

We hope to see you at the Chapel!

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