Contacting the Family

If you need to contact the pastor Brother Mike McMullen there are several ways. You may use the form on this page and Brother Mike will get back with you as soon as available.

Brother Mike's email is The church office number is (318)787-6767. Brother Mike's direct cell number is (409)549-0237. Because cell service is limited in the Centerpoint area, please leave messages for Brother Mike at the church office where he can retrieve them promptly.

If you or your family desires information about what it means to be Methodist. Please leave inquires in the form on this page or email Brother Mike directly. He will answer all your theological questions.

If you are in need of counseling please leave your information on the contact form and Brother Mike will schedule an appointment for you.

Thank you for your interest in Martha's chapel. We hope you will be encouraged to find a home at the Chapel!